2012 – 2013

Ideas Chinatown

May 2013

In conjunction with the New Museum's Idea Festival. Sponsored by the New York Chinese Cultural Center with the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors. The Asian American Arts Centre presented an evening of brief videos, illustrated talks and performances presenting local Chinatown organizations and their work in the community, followed by a panel discussion to focus on the effect of raising real estate values - often resulting in a net loss of affordable housing, loss of manufacturing as well as a loss of historical resources and older local commerce in faavor of chains and franchises - and its impacts on low income or ethnic communities. Addressed the question of what policies are needed to guide the Chinatown community through the challenges of gentrification.

Space Time: Presence

May 3, 2013

Theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are popular notions yet Newtonian perceptions continue to prevail. In a cultural matrix where diverse cultural expressions are welcome, Asian PAcific American artists' works can give insight into our era and the cultural horizons to be embraced. With profound changes to such fundamental notions, cultural issues are at stake here, along with implications for the protocols implemented in public space. This event proposes a dialogue between scientists, artists, and humanists on this question in the context of the new physics and consider their art in terms of how we eperience and perceive - a lived sensibility. A talk mounted by Asian American Arts Centre in conjunction with the New Museum's Ideas Festival. Held at the Christopher Henry Gallery, 127 Elizabeth St, New York, NY. Moderated by Professor Yibing Huang, literary scholar, and tentatively by Dr. R. Crease, philosopher of science, with Robert Lee.

Participating artists: