2007 – 2008

Fibers: Fiero, Kotani & Kim

October 11 – December 7, 2007

Innovative approaches to common fibers by three artists—one Asian, the other Asian American, and the last an American significantly influenced by Asia. Fibers in both two and three dimensions are physical yet convey an intangible touch of the lightness of air. In so doing they integrate both Asian and Western sensibilities. Organized by Robert Lee. Learn more: postcard, artist profile, artist statement.

Poster for the Fibers exhibition
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November 27, 2007 - January 13, 2008

Celebrating Contemporary Art On The Lower East Side. A collaborative of exhibition venues bringing together commercial galleries, nonprofit arts institutions, and artists in celebration of the rich creative spirit of the Lower East Side. Forty-one participating organizations mounted events coinciding with the December 1 opening of the New Museum of Contemporary Art on the Bowery at Prince Street.

Rare Tribal Textiles from China

December 20, 2007 – February 29, 2008

An exhibition of Chinese Tribal Textiles from the Minority Peoples of China will be held through the Chistmas Holidays and Chinese Lunar New Year as well. These are museum quality fabrics representative of historical tribal traditions. They are from the peoples known as: Miao, Gejia, Yao, Yi, Dai, Li, and Zhang. Many more garments, banners, festival jackets and blankets have filled the gallery, from Dai, Hainan as well as Gejia and Miao. The collector of these tribal arts and textiles, Dr. Andrew Wang, spoke about this exquisite display of pattern and skill—the highest embroidery quality of China.

Yeong Gill Kim

July 11 – August 1, 2008

The complexity of Yeong Gill Kim’s brush work on muslin has attained a breathtaking clarity and simplicity. He shows that contemporary art in America need not be founded on a break with the past, nor on claims of a new age of global technology. He demonstrates that a crisis of identity, a seemingly unbridgeable gap born of two irreconcilable cultures, can be spanned with a renewed confidence in the vitality of one's Asian traditions. Learn more: poster, press release, artist statement.

Participating artists:

Marie Yoho Dorsey

August 8 – 29, 2008

An artist well trained in the Japanese art of Ikebana, Dorsey has turned her skilled mind to the art of painting, collage, and installation. Her creations include delicate and masterful renderings on fabric, as well as mystical journeys through landscapes and clouds despite the noise of the cities of New York and Florida. Learn more: artwork, photo.

Participating artists: