2000 – 2001

10th AAAC Annual: Too Far Too Close

September 22 – November 4, 2000

A collaboration with The Korea Society. This exhibition includes selections from recent entries into the Asian American Artists Archive. This show does not adopt a theme nor seek to establish a current notion of "Asianness." Learn more: flyer, press release.

Participating artists:

Car Pooling from LA

November 17 – December 30, 2000

A collaboration with The Korea Society. This show consists of four foreign born Asian American Artists. In all the work there is a attempt to make visible the experience of living in cities which are epicenters of colonized spaces. Cities represent achieved human experiences. Organized by Tam Van Tran. Learn more: flyer, press release.

Participating artists:

Colin Lee at Mid Career

March 16 – April 28, 2001

The Arts Centre hosts the Mid Career Group annually to select peer artist/s to be featured in this exhibition series. This Mid Career Artist Exhibition features Colin Lee. Learn more: flyer, press release.

Participating artist:

Point Arabesque: Paintings by Charles Yuen

May 11 - June 23, 2001

Charles Yuen’s paintings are enigmatic, cryptic, odd, whimsical, and dark in an attempt to unsettle our expectations, to subvert and question appearances and identities. In Yuen’s wonderland of inspired nonsense and alternatives, there is nothing that does not have another meaning, another way of seeing the situation, another layer of ambiguity that keeps things open-ended and in perpetual question. Essay by Lilly Wei. Curated by Robert Lee. Learn more: flyer, press release.

Participating artist:

Power Print

July 13 - Aug 3, 2001

This woodblock prints exhibition from Nepal reflects a view on modernity from a 3rd World nation that is shaped by the ancient Vedic language whose historic texts are crucial to the earliest beginnings of civilization. For Nepal this remains a living language today. Ram Kumar Panday through his own creative vision, has culled and combined these symbols and applied them to contemporary living. Woodblock prints by Ram Kumar Panday. Presented in collaboration with Ms. Yin Peet.

Participating artists: