1999 – 2000

Cross-cultural Voices II: Between Memories

September 1 - October 15, 1999

An exhibition on cross-cultural experience, focusing on Asian American and Western artists and their migrant experiences. Centers on the global sense of being exiled - not in the sense of being banished for dissidance but in the sense of moving to another country for the sake of economical and cultural reasons - and the art community’s dependence on memories to overcome such a feeling of loss. A collaboration with The Korea Society and the Stephen Gang Gallery. Learn more: flyer, catalog.

Participating artists:

Firehouse: AAAC 25th Anniversary

Octpber 30 – November 14, 1999

An exhibition of 25 artists and a celebration of the 25th anniversaries of the Asian American Arts Centre, of Asian American community leaders Rocky and May Chin’s marriage, and of Robert Lee and Eleanor Yung’s marriage. Organized by Young M. Park, Trinh Le, and Robert Lee. Learn more.

Participating artists:

9th AAAC Annual: This Used To Be a Poodle

October 29 - December 14, 1999

An exhibition of photography, sculpture, drawing, and installation. The exhibited artists demonstrate innovative approaches by young artists today, displaying a range of thought and expression in the Asian American community as it becomes integrated into the context of international artistic developments both here and in Asia. The exhibition is not meant to establish any current notion of “Asianness” but rather serve as an introduction to the broad and diverse concerns of artists who together compose a part of the contemporary presence of Asia in America. Learn more: flyer, press release.

Selection panelists:
Participating artists:

Looking at Beijing: Photography as Art/CHINA

December 16, 1999 - January 6, 2000

A collaboration with the New York University Dept. of Art and Art Professions. Summer Study Abroad program in Photography initiated by NYU, co-sponsored by the Beijing Film Institute in Beijing. Curated by Prof. Gerald Pryor & Ann Chwatsky.

Participating photographers:

Lunar New Year Exhibition

January 20 - March 4, 2000

A Sand Painting Creation by Lama Tenzin. Several "Nuo Masks" and Tibetan Thang-ka paintings by Kalsang Wangmo. Lecture by John M. Lundquist titled"Mandala & Temple: Sacred Architecture in Tibet" on February 24.

Participating artists:

Apartment #3F

March 17 - April 29, 2000

An installation/video exhibition. This exhibition conceptually converts the exhibition gallery space back into its original living environment and in this way, challenge the formalists' notion of viewing art in an empty, pristine "white cube." Curated by Mihee Ahn. Learn more: flyer, press release.

Participating artists:

Milieu Part III: Color in the Art of

May 18 - July 15, 2000

Third in a series of exhibitions, Milieu: Part III features artists who participated in the historical experience of America in the post World War II period (1945-1965). This era in history saw the restriction of Chinese and Korean immigration and the recovery of Japanese Americans from the internment camps. Asian American artists’ works reflect the struggle to respond to these conditions, and for all five artists featured in this installment, color is key. Their work gives form to an art of color where both the sensibility of Asia and the innovative energy of America can be seen. Curated by Robert Lee. Co-sponsored by China Institute. Learn more: flyer, press release.

Participating artists: