1998 – 1999

A Continuing Struggle: The Legacy of War in Cambodia

September 1 – 15, 1998

Photos by Leah Melnick: A Memorial Exhibition. An exhibition of photographs of Leah Melnick's work as a college student documenting the Cambodian refugee community in the Bronx, and later, her humanitarian work in Bosnia. Learn more: article, press release.

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8th AAAC Annual: The Day and Night Transparent

October 16 – November 21, 1998

Eighth in a series, this exhibition introduces individuals whose search for an artistic and visual language is the only bond that joins them together. In a complex society with multiple contradictory interests at work, it is their creativity that sustains their growth. The exhibition as a whole serves as an introduction to the broad and diverse concerns of artists who together compose a part of the contemporary presence of Asia in America. Organized by Young M. Park, Trinh Le, and Robert Lee. Learn more: flyer, press release.

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Gulp and Gallop!

December 4, 1998 – January 16, 1999

An exhibition presenting two artists, Ushio Shinohara and Rocky Kagoshima, as they create their art with the stubbornness of an idea arising directly from their experience of global cultural conflict. Their works express chaos in values and in energy, as well as shed light on Asian American sensibility in a postmodern world. Curated by Hideki Kawahara. Learn more: flyer, press release.

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7lb9oz: The Reintegration of Tradition into Contemporary Art

March 26 – May 8, 1999

An exhibition of four artists who each represent different approaches but are similar in that they all share Asia as their point of departure. They demonstrate a confidence embracing their Asian origins and traditions in reconciling their conundrum of identity, and in doing so, bridging in their way two seemingly irreconcilable cultures. Curated by Robert Lee. Learn more: flyer, press release.

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Six O'Clock Observed: Photos by Toyo Tsuchiya

May 21 – June 26, 1999

A mid-career exhibition. An artist’s talk was held on June 3 with panelists: Alan W. Moore, art historian writing on artists’ organization in NY 1970-80s; Linda Shapiro, long time resident of the LES owner of Shapiro Wine, 100 yrs old landmark; Kazuko Miyamoto, who came to the LES in the mid 60's; Reiko Tomii, art historian; and Toyo Tsuchiya. Learn more: flyer, press release, New York Times.

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EE! EE! EE! TRANSlation/plantation/formation

August 14, 1999

A sculptural performance. As ice melts, a great white ball rises… A collaboration between a Chinese poet, an American poet, and a sculptor, with an additional four women performers. Collages of multi-layered, multi-faceted aspects in communcation combine visual elements and three spoken languages – Chinese, Taiwanese & English – to foreground human desire as a process of translation, transplantation, and transformation. Sponsored by Contemporary Arts International in Boston, Administered by AAAC. A free performance held in Bryant Park 42ed Street & 6th Ave, NYC.

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