1994 – 1995

Three: Works by Artists-in-Residence

September 29 – November 11, 1994

Participating artists:

CHINA June 4 1989: Traveling Exhibition

October 14 – November 30, 1994

Held at Buckham Gallery in Flint, Michigan.

Participating artists:
Additional artists from Flint:

4th AAAC Annual: Photography and Community

November 17 – December 31, 1994

These three photographers exemplify diverse approaches to community. A glimpse at these works in progress informs the current dialogue on identity and community. In her project “Picturing Asian American,” Mei-ling Hom distributed single-use cameras to one hundred individuals and invited them to record images that describe their Asian American identity, resulting in a panorama of Asian American life. Corky Lee has cultivated a multi-decade long career of recording the development of the Asian American community, having captured landmark moments with amicable reality. Wing Young Huie’s works capture the lives of residents in Frogtown, a once mostly white, working class neighborhood, now transformed into a multi-ethnic inner-city neighborhood. Curated by Robert Lee. Learn more.

Participating artists:

Chinese/Korean Calligraphy

February 9 – March 4, 1995

An exhibition in which local Chinatown community business leaders who practice calligraphy/ink painting were paired with two visiting contemporary calligraphers from South Korea. Organized by Dr. Sun Wuk Kim & George Young.

Participating artists:

Ancestors: a Collaborative Project with Kenkeleba House

March – May 1995

This public exhibition was designed to encourage the act of paying homage, not only to one’s own ancestors but to those of our neighbors, the ancestors of another people. It pays tribute to all of America’s forebearers, whether they be Asian, African, European, Latin American, or Native American. By focusing on two, Asian and African American ancestors, it recognizes that the rites and beliefs of diverse people permeate society as a whole and that acts of homage are fundamental to the development of the sense of community. “…we recognize the wealth of our heritage as Americans and encourage the act of paying homage to all the Ancestors of this Land.” Organized by Corrine Jennings & Robert Lee. Mounted at Kenkeleba House 214 East 2nd Street and at AAAC. Learn more: flyer, press release.

Participating artists: