1991 – 1992

2nd AAAC Annual: From “Star Star” to Avant Garde: Nine Artists from China

October 17 – November 14th: Part One

This exhibition relates the artistic developments in China from 1979 to 1989 to the current works of ten artists who participated in these developments, all of whom are living outside of China today. A panel discussion was held on November 21 featuring panelists Sui K. Zhao, Zhang Jianjun, and Zhang Hongtu and moderator Alexandra Munroe. Learn more.

Participating artists:

November 21 – December 20 : Part Two

Ling Ling was presented twice as a memorial to his untimely death in Times Square.

Participating artists:

Four Asian American Artists

January 11 – February 16, 1992

This exhibition centers on the complexity of ethical concerns among Asian American artists. Artists’ experiences can quietly retain a privacy that elongates time, separating itself from the noise of the marketplace, and may lead them to complex forms, with overlapping considerations, both ethical and paradoxical in tone. The paintings of Charles, Cyril, Tara, and Nguyen hold fast to this complexity of contemporary experience. In this they reflect an Asian American experience that is diverse, full, and very much another side of life and art in America. Curated by Robert Lee for the Council for the Arts on the North Shore. Held at Glen Cove, NY.

Participating artists:

Collection of Buddhas

March 3 – extended to April 30, 1992

A one-person exhibition showcasing the work of Ik-Joong Kang. The exhibition consists of 1,500 paintings on four square structures, each three-inch square and bearing an image of Buddha, some more unusual that others. The installation includes small, hidden-from-view loudspeakers of Buddhist monks chanting, enhancing the exhibit’s feeling of a Buddhist temple. Designed specifically for AAAC gallery space with dance company mirrors. Curarted by Robert Lee and Bing Lee. Learn more: postcard, press release.

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RE... To Be Continued

June 12 - 13, 1992

Multimedia performance held at CSC Theatre, 136 E 13th St in New York, NY. Music and sound by Ari Frankel. Learn more.

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CHINA June 4 1989: Traveling Exhibition

June 4 – July 14, 1992 at Mexic-Arte in Austin, Texas

August 24, 1992 - October 4, 1992 at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio

Learn more: Artspiral, photo album.

Participating artists: