1990 – 1991

AAAC Annual

September 27 – November 16, 1990

The first in a series of annual group exhibitions featuring artists’ works selected from the AAAC Artists Archive. This became the opportunity to exhibit several interesting artists who were acculumating in the Archive. Without a theme, artists could be brought together to see if some theme emeged or if one did not. Kip Fulbeck emerged from this show, as did Dean-E Mei, Sui Ying Hung, and Sui Kang Zhao. Learn more.

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Focus on Artists from Hong Kong

November – December 1990

Featuring Choi Yan Chi, who painted one half of the gallery red, and two young artists—Comyn Mo and Pia Ho—who, as a pair, built a set and performed one night in the other half of the gallery. This was seven years before Hong Kong’s transfer to the mainland took place, when the artists residing in Hong Kong were still largely bypassed there in favor of important artists in the West.

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Folk Tradition

January 17 - February 21, 1991

AAAC Photographic documentation of nine traditional artists in the Chinese American Community. Photographs by Leh Chyun Lin, Editha Mesina, and Gene Moy. Festival performances hosted by Kuang Yu Fong. Learn more.

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Violence of Victory

April 18 – May 16, 1991

An exhibition focusing on particular Asian groups’ experiences of violence in contemporary life as a result of war and aggression. The works also speak on the continuous presence of violence in our everyday life—a presence we take for granted. The title suggests that in winning the undercurrent of violence may leave its markings. The three featured photographers, in expressing their attitudes to violence, rely on contemporarary and historic experience significant to Asians in America. Learn more: flyer, press release.

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Come Let's Go View the Snow Until We're Buried

April 26 - 27, 1991

Tai Dang’s art is informed by his experiences as a Vietnamese refugee. This particular performance is inspired by a Japanese haiku and his desire to explore balance—balance between the spiritual and the physical, the East and the West, oneself and the material world. Directed by Andres Serrano. Sponsored by AAAC. Performance at Henry St. Settlement. Learn more: press release, postcard, flyer.

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The Art of Asian American Artists

May 12, 1991

A slide lecture by R. Lee. Held at the National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC. The first presentation of its kind where an overview of AAAC Artists Archive sorted hundreds of artists into various types of artwork from public art to humor, from spirituality to feminism.

…wa(IT) WA(i)T(in)G…part II: LESSONS of History &/or forgetting AMNESIA

June 28 - 29, 1991

Performance by Stan Nishimura. A presentation of D'Asia Vu, Asian American Dance Theatre (AADT).


Okuhara Tetsuaki

June 4 - June 24, 1990

A one-person photography show featuring the Japanese-American artist Tetsuaki Okuhara. The exhibition features 14 photography assemblage of black and white photos, primarily works made in the year of and a range of various sizes. Learn more: press release, proposal.

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