1989 – 1990


March 8 – April 4th, 1990

Guest curated by Fred Wilson. It was only two years after this exhibition that Wilson rose to prominence in the art world, garnering recognition for his groundbreaking use of museum collection objects to construct installations and museum spaces that reframe traditional historical narratives. Learn more.

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May 10 – June 29, 1990

Three artists were found to have been in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square at the time of the June 4th massacre. Their work is exhibited here in this show. Stefan Umaerus came from Sweden, Alan Chan from New York, and Zhang Yong Xu of China did oil paintings among the students in the Square and had an American woman bring his work to New York. For his protection, we gave Zhang the name “Deng” at that time.

Participating artists:

CHINA June 4 1989

June 9 – September 30, 1989 at the Asian American Arts Centre

October 12 - November 12, 1989 at Blum Helman

November 20 - January 12, 1990 extended exhibition at the Asian American Arts Centre

April 22 - June 17, 1990 at PS1 Museum

The continuation of a traveling exhibition of art responding to the Tiananmen Square event in China, in which students protesting for democracy were massacred. About one hundred small works were selected by the guest curators John Yau, Susanna Torruella Leval, Nancy Spiro, and Howard McCalebb. Oversize works were excluded by the curators.

CHINA June 4 1989: International Memorial Arts Festival

June 4 – June 24, 1990

Held at the Hong Kong Art Centre. Learn more: Artspiral, photo album, artworks.

Participating artists: