1988 – 1989

The 5th Annual Open Studio Show

October 1988

Featured guided tours to six artists’ studios in Chinatown community and a group show of works by ten artists. Learn more.

Open studio participants:
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The 18 Levels of Hell

November 3 – 23, 1988

An installation by Epoxy Art Group, a group of artists originally from Hong Kong and China now based in New York City. “Epoxy’s joint creative endeavors embody a shared Chinese heritage and cross-cultural influences unique in the United States, but without consciously proclaiming statements about those bi-cultural experiences.”

Participating artists:

Invented Selves: Images of Asian American Identity

December 1 – 21, 1988

An exhibition featuring three young artists who each use self-imaging to explore their Asian American identity. Their works reject stereotypic representations of Asians in popular media yet offer honest, non-idealized commentary on the Asian American community. With guest curator Margo Machida. Learn more: press release, flyer.

Participating artists:

The Chinese Folk Heritage: Performance, Exhibition, Folk Art Sharing, Talks

January 12 - February 16, 1989

An exhibition culled from several collectors in New York. Included: rocks, titled “Sculpture of the Gods” by C.C. Wang; toys, puppets, embroidered clothing, and flour figures from the Yellow River Region; original door god paintings, wood figurine, paper cuts, and New Year Prints; utensils, lunch baskets, lacquer ware, and other household items. Folk performance/traditions on February 12 by Kuang Yu Fong, Jeffery Yuen, Kevin Yao, Yu Chung Cheng, Lui Sui Ming, Jenny Tsui. Talks on February 14 by Lily Yeh on folk toys of the Yellow River Region and Anne Lee of Leekan Design on collecting. Learn more.

Two Emerging Artists

March 2 – 22, 1989

Guest curated by John Yau, who selected photographer Edith Mesina, who had then recently completed her artist-in-residency at AAAC in 1988, and Cal Lom from New Mexico, who had been constructing complex mechanical structures.

Participating artists:


April 6 – May 12, 1989

An exhibition of Asian American Artists held at the City Gallery, NY Department of Cultural affairs and at the AAAC gallery. Mary Schimdt Campell gave a talk to accompany the exhibition entitled “Welcoming.” Curated by Robert Lee. Learn more.

Participating artists:

CHINA June 4 1989: First Stage

June 9 - September 30, 1989

A one-year exhibition/event responding to the massacre of the students in Tiananmen Square. Learn more.

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